"What our industry excels at isn't actually advertising or communications but changing people's behaviour. We have not only an opportunity but an obligation to use this talent to address some of the bigger issues facing the world. We can use our creativity and influence to change behaviour to affect issues that really matter from climate to health to poverty" David Johns, Euro RSCG Worldwide

“The world has treated our company very well for over 100 years in well over 100 countries in which we operate. We couldn’t be more proud! We like to believe that is because we have always given back to the communities in which we work.”  Marcio Moreira, McCann Worldgroup

“In an age where there are thousands of important causes to support, it's more important than ever to use our multiple talents and sheer creative energy to make a difference – and to make the world a better place.” Howard Draft, Draftfcb

"Given the powerful role that our industry plays in the world, we have a responsibility to think beyond the needs of our day to day business and apply our collective creativity, vision and ideas to the world's imposing issues. As this effort proves, when we work collectively toward a greater good, the results are staggering. I applaud all of the work in this exhibit." Tom Bernardin, Chairman & CEO, Leo Burnett Worldwide



“Advertising is a powerful tool. It can raise awareness, influence attitudes and sometimes even radically change behaviors. It is up to us to use this tool responsibly to make sure future generations will have the resources to continue.” Hervé de Clerck, AdForum.com, ACT Responsible

“We believe euronews has a mission to inform the people about the world affairs, without any biais , any filter. We believe the viewers should make their own opinion on the world issues and that Euronews has this capacity to make people feel more independent and more responsible; that's why we give the necessary airtime to support the responsible advertising.” Olivier de Montchenu, euronews



“We really want to help educate consumers and help the world to change regarding these crucial issues. Our industry is very sensitive to this message.” Hervé Brossard, Association des Agences-Conseils en Communication


“To pollute neither nature nor minds, to respect man and particularly woman: these are the ground rules for us, holders of this tremendous power called Communication. By taking care of our ecosystem, our mental background and of the advertising landscape, let us contribute every day, at our modest level, to the preservation of bears and brains.” Frédéric Clavière, Ayrine Creative Concept Office

Advertising, reflects totally our society, reveals our fears and drives us to react. Today, it's time to act. Advertising has rights but also duties. That's why joining Act Responsible was obvious for CB News" Christian Blachas

“The Advertising Community, through their clients, is more than ever responsible for their impacts on Society. To spread the best social and environmental initiatives of communication world is a great way to help people to open their mind to sustainability issues, which G2 Paris is proud to actively support through www.act-responsible.org.” Philippe Ceyrac, G2 Paris

“We're building a fine family. Initially pioneers, we have become drivers. We have been able to create an irreversible momentum in advertising by bringing together competitors who have come to complement one another, each according to their talents.” Philippe Casen, Non'Stop Media



ADV Express, Italy
AdWiser, France
Akasha Europe, Belgium
Bitter Almonds, Romania
Cannes Lions, UK
EACA, Belgium
Newsbroker, France
Ville de Cannes, France
WWF, Switzerland