THE EXPO : Climate change,
human impact, creative challenge

This one-of-a-kind exhibition attracted over 4,500 visitors in 2009.

1000 square meters of exhibition space
400 campaigns on social and environmental issues
From over 100 agencies from 35 countries

Media : Print, Spot, Interactive and Freecard
Participating agencies / Countries/ Themes
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“Humankind is at the center of our planet’s equilibrium.
By protecting our planet, we protect ourselves.
The Expo mobilizes each of us to ACT to preserve our future” says Isabel Kurata, Ideas Agitator

“The ads featured, in majority new to the public, were produced for NGOs and public institutions, as well as for companies committed to corporate social responsibility. The Expo allows the general public and professionals to grasp the complexity and vast issues of Sustainable Development, making it accessible to all and giving keys to start acting and adopting behaviors respectful of future generations” explains Sophie Guerinet, Expo Wizard.

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