e-artsup students

Empowering young creative minds.

In the spring of 2018, a creative partnership was forged between ACT Responsible, and e-artsup the School of Creative Passion. What began as a simple collaboration to create the layout of the annual Great Ads for Good exhibition turned into a substantial collaboration to include the full scenography of the ACT Responsible Hall, a space created in conjunction with the International Festival of Creativity at the  heart of the Cannes Lions, highlighting not only the exhibition but also industry sustainable initiatives. The creative mission expanded also to a virtual exhibition website, full communication around the exhibition, social media campaigns and an activation campaign.

Each year, a group of motivated students, carefully selected by Raphael Thomas, the program director and initiator of the partnership, is granted the opportunity to work on this project.

"Working with ACT Responsible has provided e-artsup’s students with the chance to tackle real-world challenges, particularly in the context of the advertising industry's largest festival. Beyond the creative challenge posed by the mission, we are particularly sensitive to the approach of the association, which aims to promote the power of creativity in service of social and environmental causes"

Since 2022, the students are also guided by a former student who has risen to the position of artistic director of the association.

"The collaboration between ACT Responsible and e-artsup has a very special value for me as an alumnus. To be back working alongside the school today to supervise the ACT project is very exciting. It gives me the opportunity to help the students understand the expectations and vision of a major player in the change of mentality in global advertising”

This partnership not only serves as a platform for students to apply their skills in a practical setting but also aligns with a broader vision of utilizing creativity for positive change. As the collaboration continues to flourish, it exemplifies the potential for the fusion of artistic talent and social responsibility to make a lasting impact in the world of creative expression and sustainable development.

Dive into the Great Ads for Good virtual exhibition and see the artistic direction the students have developped for last year’s edition.