Who we are.

ACT stands for Advertising Community Together. We are an international nonprofit organisation born in the aftermath of 9/11, affiliated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications and part of the UN Global Compact. 

Our mission.

Our mission​

Our mission is to inspire, promote and unite the advertising communication industry to share good practices on social responsibility and sustainable development.

Our actions

The association aims to highlight the power of advertising creativity when it comes to raising awareness on social and environmental issues, through a variety of initiatives: a digital library, an annual exhibition in Cannes, a yearly ranking of the best responsible campaigns, an award, and more.

Our goal

Our goal is to ensure the visibility of the most creative, powerful and striking communications campaigns to encourage production in these areas. We unite the advertising community around major issues to stimulate discussions, share good practices and take actions to make the changes needed to build a better future.

Our story.

A few days after the 9/11 attacks, a team from Adforum launched a call, “it’s our business to help”, encouraging the advertising community to stand up against terrorism. 

Trade press, websites, associations and award organisers shared the call, uniting the industry around this cause. Creatives from over 30 countries quickly responded, offering their talent. Hundreds of creative pieces and tributes to the heroes and victims were shared. 

The first exhibition of these campaigns took place at the Paris Advertising Week in November 2001, and during a New York trade event in December 2001. Thanks to the support of Bernard Brochand, the Deputy Mayor of Cannes, this was followed by the Cannes International Advertising Festival, in June 2002.

Since then, the call-for-action has become an international non-profit organisation managed by a team of volunteers, with the financial support of major players in the advertising industry. ACT Responsible has developed initiatives and partnerships with agencies, trade organisations, media, institutions and associations.

ACT Birth.

« It’s our business to help » call to the advertising community in solidarity of the 9/11 terrorist attacked”

ACT Tributes.

Public favourite ads elected by the exhibition visitors in recognition of outstanding work

The Care Awards.

recognizing agencies’ excellent work in promoting care for people and the environment.

The Good Report.

annual ranking of the world’s best use of creative talent to promote sustainability and social responsibility.


to shines a light on the role, commitment and responsibility of advertising industry and promote good practices

Gallery of Good Ads.

Adforum searchable database dedicated to social & environmental campaigns

One minute of responsibility.

TV program broadcasting pro bono campaigns to million of viewers on Euronews & Africa news.

NG’Ad Club.

to stimulate discussion between NGOs and agencies to promote, inspire and share good communication practice.

French association.

to stimulate the discussion through advertising creativity with schools and the younger generation.

Our belief.

The fight against poverty, disease, exclusion, climate change, loss of biodiversity, protection of human and women’s rights, etc. are issues that concern us all. Often complicated and difficult to address, these causes need the talent of creativity to make a real impact and achieve real changes.

We believe advertising has an extraordinary power raise awareness on these complex issues, giving us the keys to trigger actions, help change mentalities and accelerate understanding.

If, like us, you believe advertising has a role and responsibility in addressing these issues, join the ACT Community.

Meet the ACT’ive team.

Hervé de Clerck


Isa Kurata

Co-Founder, Development & Partnerships

Sophie Guérinet

Co-Founder, Production & Agency relations

Véronique Geremia

Admin & Accounting

Yann Grégoire

Graphic Design & Art Direction

Manon Etienne

Communication & Partnerships

Noé Kurata

Web development & Video production

Raphael Thomas

Graphic designer & act’ive supporter

Guillaume D'hauwers

Event coordinator & Community manager

Holly Wu

Event coordinator & Community manager

Julie Descamps

Cannes 24 Event Team