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From 17-22 June 2024 @ the Cannes Lions Festival in the ACT Responsible Hall the meeting point for a sustainable industry

ACT Responsible teams up with Cannes Lions to create the Act Responsible Hall, a unique venue at the heart of the Festival dedicated to the Ad industry’s responsibility and sustainable programs.

Location: The Debussy foyer is an exclusive 800 sqm space located on the first floor

of the Palais at the heart of the Festival and is the access to the Lions Seminars main stage.

The space hosts

The ACT Exhibition showcasing outstanding social and environmental campaigns as a true source of inspiration for the industry.
• A showcase of Innovative Tools and Programs allowing the industry to adopt more responsible and sustainable practices, constituting a real toolbox.
• A Live Studio to shade a light committed actors as well as the best practices and inspiring actions of the industry.
• A Collaborative Meeting Space to connect, network, inspire through discussions and workshops, providing a unique venue dedicated to the sharing of best practices



June 19th 2-4pm : The Open House for Good event giving free access to all delegates and visitors to the Palais

June 20th 5-6pm : ACT Responsible Tributes to Creativity and Champions of Good Celebration at RTL Beach.

NB : Throughout the entire event, including the exhibition, cafe, events and giveaways, we are actively seeking the most eco-friendly solutions. Our goal is to utilize materials that are recyclable, reusable, upcycled, biodegradable, sustainably sourced, organic, or natural, with the aim of minimizing our environmental impact.


20 June 2024 – Networking event created to celebrate outstanding Creativity and unite a network of  inspiring Champions.

Organised during the Cannes Lions the Tributes celebrate the Best Creativity for Good the Exhibition visitors have elected during the festival. Tributes to Champions of Good celebrate the bold and the brave, the ones behind great campaign and initiative towards sustainability and responsibility.


A series of interview to highlight role & responsibility of the industry in raising awareness on social and environmental issues.

This program was created during the Cannes Lions 2018, it offers a space for experts from Agencies, NGOs, brands and charities to share their vision about communication for good. 

Visit our program on Youtube here

11 April 2024 – Created to motivate production of educative and awareness campaigns by the industry. The Report is an annual raking of the top campaigns, agencies and advertisers for Socially Responsible Communication.

The ACT Good Report, created in collaboration with WARC is a unique ranking showcasing the world’s most impactful use of creative communications to promote sustainability and social responsibility and raise awareness of significant social and environmental issues. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the report!

Each year we evaluate the best 40 Campaigns, 25 Agencies, 20 Networks, 10 Brands and Countries are ranked.

You believe responsible communication is the future of advertising, that creativity has the power to change behaviour and raise awareness, help us promote this program by joining as a sponsor.

Learn more here

December 24 – Strategic event at the heart of Europe : for one unique evening Brussels recognizing the industry’s contribution to society and the environment.

A opportunity to discover the wining work as well as meet a unique crowd of international agency, sustainable communication experts alongside NGOs, institutions, brands, media around MEPs … people from different areas, backgrounds, nationalities … meet, the exchange of ideas, knowledge, stories contribute to make our world more sustainable, equitable and human.

More information here

Free media space to Public interest advertising campaigns in a bid the participate in raising awareness on major issues.

Euronews broadcasts to more than 426 million households in 158 countries worldwide via cable digital satellite and terrestrial channels making its reach truly global. 10 000€ to 50 000€ per spot.

You believe it is the role and responsibility of the industry to give a voice to NGO’s and Charities. Make a difference by supporting this unique program – hundreds of minutes offered to the ones that makes a difference on the ground.

Learn more here

The world’s largest collection of campaigns for Good gathered on the most prestigious  searchable database powered by

Many opportunities to promote your brand and the gallery or embed the Good Ads gallery your website, allowing you to access and showcase the best ads supporting good causes.

Learn more here

Media, become an active partner!

Use our Good ads Gallery content to create your customised programme, promoting high quality, unique content that supports major issues. Offer media space, write about the campaigns and share them on social media to promote their message.


Broadcast “One Minute of Responsibility”, the short programme that features great ads for good.


Offer free media space in magazines and be ACt’ive spreading good campaigns.


Benefit from our special collection of Great ads for Good to create unique content and support associations and NGOs.

Become an Ambassador.

This membership is offered to partners who will, throughout the year and their own activity participate in developing ACT Responsible and promote its mission. Various formulas are available and tailored to each ambassador. A framework of collaboration is clearly determined upon individual ambassador agreement.

  • individual quote & photo & brand visibility on all digital platform
  • use of ACT Responsible logo stamp and name
  • use of ACT Responsible collection content for presentation/events and or exhibitions.
  • use of research and management resources on customized projects
  • revenue split on ambassador generated profit upon agreement
  • @Special event : dedicated space & special visibility for brand and/or Clients (ex : Cannes Expo)
  • Grow the community
  • Host the ACT Database on your website
  • Organize an Event on Advertising Responsibility
  • Host an ACT Responsible exhibition
  • Start an NG’Ad Club in your city

    an much more …

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Isa Kurata

Co-founder in charge of development & partnership