The role &
of advertising.

The voice of the community.

This program was created during the Cannes Lions 2018 to highlight the advertising industry’s role and responsibility in raising awareness on social and environmental issues. MyACT is now a monthly 30mn web program, produced by Sunglasses. It offers a space for experts from NGOs and charities to share their vision about communication for good.

In partnership with

Pascal Cübb

President, IAA France

“There are many pitfalls in advertising: being provocative, misleading, sexist… However, when put to good use, advertising can be a very powerful tool. ACT Responsible emphasises how it can be used to defend worthy causes. Advertising is a weapon, let’s make use of it!”

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MyACT #1 – Cannes Lions 2023

MyACT #1 - Cannes Lions 2022

MyACT #1 - 2021

Advertiser : Human Rights Watch