IAA Global Conference Creativity 4 Better invits Great ads for Good exhibition.

International Advertising Association (IAA) showcased Act Responsible’s 20 years collection, bringing responsible advertising at the center of Bucharest National Opera House, during the IAA Global Conference “Creativity4Better” 2022.

In this unique context, participants could discover a special retrospective exhibition, gathering some of the most creative ideas the advertising industry has produced for associations, institutions and companies over the last two decades in support of good causes, responsible behaviour and sustainable development. The “Great Ads for Good” Exhibition will be divided into four major topical themes—Health, Education, Environment and Human Rights—addressed in more than 25 remarkable exhibits (print and video).

“Our mission is to inspire, promote and unite the advertising communications industry around responsible communication. We believe in the power of creativity when it comes to raising awareness on social and environmental issues. We are thrilled and honoured to partner with the IAA Romania to help us amplify our mission.”, says Isa Kurata, Co-founder of ACT Responsible.

The “Great Ads for Good” Exhibition, presented for the first time within the “Creativity4Better” conference, offered the opportunity to reflect on the evolution of advertising for good, highlighting the communication sector’s undeniable role in promoting and leading change.

The marketing and communications industry is and must permanently remain at the forefront of change. Through communication we have the power to change behaviours, to build perceptions and to positively influence the society we live in. But first, we must find the power to influence ourselves to be among the first ones to embrace change for the better – first within ourselves and then in our society. From a cleaner nature to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle– these are just some of the directions where our actions are needed.

The “Great Ads for Good” exhibition, presented this year at IAA Global Conference, brings some examples of campaigns that have set out and successfully managed to mark steps forward in sensitive and painful areas. Through creativity, we hope to inspire actions that will contribute to restoring hope for generations to come.”, says Victor Dobre, Executive Director of IAA Romania.

The advertising industry has the power to make a difference. Come explore a powerful selection of exhibits and campaigns that truly left their mark on the industry, bringing about new perspectives, original creative ideas and approaches to the challenges of the modern society.

The IAA Global Conference “Creativity4Better” is an annual event organised in Bucharest by IAA Romania in partnership with IAA Global and aims at bringing to the creative communities in Romania the most inspiring personalities from the world of marketing, advertising, creativity, technology, and global sustainability. The conference will take place at the Bucharest National Opera House on November 3, 2022. Find out more details about this year’s workshops, speakers & topics and book your ticket at www.creativity4better.com.