My act My Impact - Armelle

Armelle Weber, Eurostar, discusses her perspective on the potential for sustainable initiatives within the "new Eurostar" opportunity.

Eurostar, the company allowing us to travel safely and at ease across Europe, holds a significant role in shaping societal impacts. We asked Armelle Weber, External Relations & Sustainability Manager, four questions about Eurostar’s effort on sustainability. 


What does sustainability mean to the company?

At Eurostar, we are passionate about looking after the planet. But we want to lead the way in making European travel more sustainable than ever.

Being green by nature is no longer enough. We have the ambition to facilitate the modal shift from air to rail and build the backbone of sustainable travel in Europe.


What sustainable efforts are you most proud of?

The new Eurostar, (the joining of Thalys and Eurostar), is an opportunity to accelerate and increase change, building on our strengths and continuing to innovate and reduce our impact. The creation of the new company is clearly an opportunity to adapt our business and to take on our role as an actor of change. 

We want to become the backbone of sustainable travel in Europe and therefore become the lowest-emitting form of international travel contributing to our objective of 30 Mio passengers by 2030.


What role does advertising play in promoting your sustainable practices?

People become increasingly aware of the impact their choices have on the environment. They seek out products that are respectful. We need to be transparent and communicate more. Communication (external but also internal) is paramount. We need to walk the talk.


Why do you support the Care Awards?

Our mission is to connect people, cooperate & engage further with our community. We consider ourselves as an actor of change and not only as a carrier. It is therefore very natural to support Care Awards that bring and celebrate people coming from multiple horizons who are engaged for a better future.