"The Unshowables" for Vision du Monde created by Steve receives The Grand Prix.

ACT Responsible is honored to have collaborated on the relaunch of the ‘Prix de la Communication Citoyenne*’ by the ARPP** Foundation. This French award acknowledges outstanding communication campaigns in Responsible Consumption, Human Rights, Social Progress/Solidarity, and Public Health.

The Grand Prix awarded the campaign « The Unshowables » for the French association Vision du Monde a child protection non profit association part of the World Vision International federation since 2002.

All over the world today, millions of children are constantly surrounded by violence, death, and suffering. These tragedies have been further exacerbated lately, with the acceleration of global warming, the intensity of devastating conflicts for civilian populations… This is why, this year more than ever, ‘Vision du Monde’ wants to sound the alarm on these crucial issues. However, they face a challenge: how can you show the unimaginable? How can you show what cannot be shown in France whether for legal reasons or basic decency? How can you show the rape of a child bride, the genital mutilation of a young girl; or the daily horrors witnessed by children in a war-torn country where even schools are bombed? The talented creative team at Steve came up with an answer that may seem paradoxical at first – and even ironic given the name of this organisation, show nothing, so the viewer’s imagination is automatically put to work. On billboards, a child’s head hides us what he/she sees; on television, a black screen draws the attention of our eyes while our ears are solicited by a chilling background noise.


*Citizen engagement campaign Award
**French professional advertising regulatory body

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