The Good Report celebrating the best campaigns 2022 for social and environmental responsibility
A collaboration with WARC Rankings

The Good Report, is a unique ranking of the world’s best use of creative communications to promote sustainability and social responsibility to raise awareness of major social and environmental issues. It is compiled by ACT Responsible in collaboration with WARC, the global marketing insights company, and publisher of the WARC Rankings.

The Good Report ranking is calculated by combining the results of the recently published WARC Creative 100, the global benchmark for creative excellence, with ACT Responsible initiatives: Great Ads for Good Exhibition, the Care Awards, TV show One minute of Responsibility, Tributes (public vote), and the Good Ad Gallery. There are no complicated criteria or categories, just great work for Good. 

Of the best 40 campaigns featured in The Good Report 2022, 20 are for non-profits, 17 for commercial brands (including one produced in collaboration with a non-profit) and three for public sectors. A total of 39 agencies (27 are part of 11 networks and 12 are independent) across 24 markets are represented. 

The best 25 agencies are made up of four independent and 21 networked agencies (from 11 different networks) covering a total of 13 markets. Of the best 20 networks, five are independent and 15 are owned by holding companies. The best ten brands include seven non-profit, three for-profit.

The Good Report 2022 best ranked campaigns and companies promoting good are:

Best 40 campaigns promoting Good
#1 Reverse Selfie, Ogilvy UK, Dove
#2 Signal for Help, Juniper Park\TBWA, Canadian Women’s Foundation/Women’s Funding Network
#3 Catch of the Day 2050, Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
#4 Beyond the Surface, Havas Worldwide Middle East, Adidas
#5 The Lost Class, Leo Burnett Chicago, Change the ref

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Best 5 Agencies promoting Good
#1 Ogilvy UK
#2 FCB Chicago
#3 Juniper Park\TBWA Toronto
#4 BBDO New York
#5 Area 23, IPG Health Company New York 

Best 5  Networks promoting Good
#1 Ogilvy
#2 Havas Group
#3 FCB
#4 BBDO Worldwide
#5 McCann Worldgroup

Best 5 Brands promoting Good
#1 Dove, Unilever
#2 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
#3 Red Cross
#4 Greenpeace
#5 Change the ref

Best 5 Countries
#1 United States
#2 France
#3 United Kingdom
#4 Canada
#5 Brazil

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