Students from IHECS involved in the Youth Favourite

Why did The Unshowables by STEVE for Vision du Monde win The Youth Favourite 2023 at the Care Awards.

By Manon Etienne | ACT Responsible.

As part of the Care Awards 2023, students voted The Unshowables by STEVE (France) for Vision du Monde as their favourite campaign, awarding it the title of « Youth Favourite 2023 ». The campaign captured the attention of the young minds with its creative idea and powerful message.

The debate around the shortlisted campaigns revealed a number of obstacles, including the difficulty of remaining impartial in assessing the values inherent in each cause. The students sometimes found it difficult not to lapse into emotion and personal judgment. It wasn’t an easy exercise, but one they pulled off brilliantly.

The campaigns.

The range of campaigns selected for the Care Awards 2023 aroused great interest among the students. The diversity of sectors represented, both businesses and NGOs, made their choice difficult. The fact that the campaigns conveyed a variety of equally important messages made the final decision a challenging one.

Elie, one of the students involved in the debate, highlighted that some sectors were still missing, such as technology and fashion. A call to the fashion and innovation industry to invest their efforts in societal issues for a better future?

The choice.

In the end, the choice of The Unshowables by STEVE as Youth Favourite 2023 was the result of a collective decision based on objective criteria. The strong creative idea, the powerful message and the consistency between the media (print & video) were the key elements that influenced the students’ final vote.

The intention.

The Youth Favourite initiative underlined the students’ intention to show the industry that the generation of future professionals is attentive to meaningful campaigns. For the students, it’s a chance to share critiques based on their academic knowledge and personal sensibilities. Organisations also benefit from a fresh and different perspective on their advertising, coming directly from young people.

The statement.

The students had a clear message for the advertising industry. Companies need to recognise that young people really do have something to contribute. This message resonates as a call to the advertising industry to embrace the diversity of ideas and perspectives that young people bring, in order to create an advertising landscape that is more dynamic and representative of today’s society.

Gratitude to IHECS students who offered an invaluable feedback : Ana Alexandrescu, Guido D’Agostino, Damien De Coen, Adrien Delforge, Emma Denis, Elsa De Rossi, Eugène Durviaux, Iona Gillet, Zoé Guyon, Audrey Maes, Elie Nacar, Diego Perez Mora, Drita Saitovski, and to Sophie Pochet – Chief Academic Officer at IHECS – for her dedication.